We serve Durham, Chapel Hill, Carrboro, parts of Morrisville, western Cary, and northern Chatham County. Our travel fee ranges from $40-60 per visit in addition to the exam fee depending on how far you are from our home base in southern Durham.

In general, our travel fee depends on your ZIP code. Travel fees effective September 1, 2020:

$40 travel fee: 27713, 27707, 27701, 27705, 27514, 27516, 27517, 27510
$50 travel fee: 27703, 27704, 27519, 27560
$60 travel fee: 27712, 27312, 27523; all current clients whose ZIP code is not listed

For a visit that includes services for 3 or more cats, the travel fee is discounted by $20.

We are not able to accept new clients outside of the above-listed ZIP codes.