COVID-19 UPDATE 6/1/2021

Our staff is fully vaccinated, but some of our clients cannot be or may have increased immunity concerns. Therefore, we are maintaining the utmost of caution to protect our clients and our staff.

• Due to COVID-19 we are currently scheduling established clients only.
• We will be wearing face masks during our entire visit and respectfully request that all clients do the same and also maintain a minimum 6 foot distance from us during our interactions.
• Unless absolutely necessary we ask that you do not stay in the room with us while we are working with your cat as it is nearly impossible to maintain a safe social distance during the exam.
• We may contact you in advance of our appointment to review your cat’s medical history and discuss the planned services for our visit. This will help us keep our time in your home to a minimum.
• We have contactless payment options available (PayPal and Venmo) in addition to the usual check and credit card payment options.
• If anyone in the home is ill, has tested positive, or has been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 we will not be able to visit and will recommend a full service veterinarian with curbside service.

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