1. Please provide us with all available medical records for your cat(s). Send all veterinary, shelter, and adoption records to this or fax to (919) 391-4292.

If you prefer that we contact another veterinarian to obtain records, please provide us with their contact information at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled visit.

2.  Prepare a comfortable exam area in your home. A small, tidy, quiet, and well-lit room such as a bathroom is ideal. Make sure access to potential hiding spaces is blocked.

3. Place your cat in the prepared room or to a cat carrier prior to our arrival. If your cat cannot be located and secured within 15 minutes of our arrival, we will reschedule your appointment and will charge a consultation fee for our visit.

4. Let us know if there are any special instructions about parking at or finding your home. If you prefer that we not ring the doorbell we can call or text you when we arrive.


1.  We will ask you relevant questions about your cat’s medical history and any concerns that you have while your cat acclimates to our presence.

2. Dr. Kirch will perform a complete physical examination and explain all findings and recommendations to you.

3. With your approval we will administer recommended vaccinations, collect samples for laboratory testing, and perform any additional services.

4. At the conclusion of our visit, we will collect payment for all goods and services provided. We accept cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. We do not make payment plans or accept post-dated checks. A fee of $35 will be assessed to all returned checks.


Our prices are comparable to what you would expect in a high quality veterinary clinic.

The fee for annual wellness examination or examination or consultation for minor problems is $69.

Examination of sick patients, extended examinations, and second opinion consultations is $75.

Examination to recheck or monitor previously evaluated conditions range from $48-58.

Other prices and estimates for services are available upon request.

There is a travel fee of $40-$60 per visit depending on your ZIP code.